Our Identity

  • The Greenery Company Pvt., Ltd., Established in the year 2006, is a sister Company of the SMS Holdings Pvt., Ltd., located at No.71A, Pagoda Road, Nugegoda, Sri Lanka.
  • Since year 2006, we have extended our scope of activities from small scale to large scale levels, with sound mutual understanding amongst our stake holders.
  • Presently, the company comprises of personnal with extensive experience, wide knowledge and sincere commitment, which have been the key to success in identifying is as one of the professionally leading landscaping Company in Sri Lanka, with soft and hard landscaping items at their proposal.

Our Forte

The Greenery Company Pvt Ltd, has in its ranks a team of professionals, fully competent in the spheres of Agriculture and Landscaping, with an in-depth knowledge of theories relative to plant physiology and related mechanism in respect of soft landscaping.


Our Vision

To be exacting in excellence and provide a service second to none, with emphasis laid on quality of our products, thus empowering and instilling our employees to yield healthy returns on investment to their employers.

Our Mission

To be in existence and duly acknowledged professionally as the best Landscaping Company in Sri Lanka.


Managing Director's Statement

Since its inception in the year 2001, we have been inspired to "stand out" as one of the most innovative and prominent manufacturers of hard landscaping items, such as paving and garden retaining walls, pre-cast products for the regional landscape and construction industry.
Since then, we have progressed steadily to achieve a 52% market share in Sri Lanka, as well as being a major exporter. In the year 2006, we entered the construction field and obtained ICTAD registration (F1 Grade) for landscaping and C5 (M4) for the construction industry.

  • In fulfillment of this aspiration in the field of soft Landscaping, we teamed up with a group of field related experts and incorporated a sister company named The Greenery Company Pvt Ltd, in realization of our aspirations to provide a friendly environment for the future generation. With this in view, we have spread our wings from small scale home gardens to large scale projects, such as our involvement in "Hydro Seeding" work at the Southern Transport Development Project (STDP) at Kumagi Gumi Co,. Limited.
  • Shehan Senevirathne