Indoor Gardening and Maintenance

Just as mankind have a life span, so do plants. If house plants that have been around for a few years is gnarled, not yielded or blossomed, it simply must be tired to live up to expectations and nurturing it further with all the ILC in the world may not revive it. It is prudent to grow a new plant.

It is wise to recall, that unhealthy plants are a source of attraction for insects like a magnet and there is every likelihood that the infection could spread to other plants as well, making you regret your earlier large generosity in retaining them. Having plants in the workplace has been identified by scientists, architects and interior designers as of vital importance. Plants play a very important role in enhancing the beauty od indoor environment and research has proved that they make places to live and work more healthier.

Benefits from indoor plants:
  • Plants improve quality of air
  • Plant help to reduce absence of sickness
  • Plant increase productivity
  • Plant reduce stress
  • Plant make a design statement
  • Plant increases creativity
  • Plant can be used to soften/hide less attractive features
  • Plant can be used to break-up large open areas
  • Plant can be used to reflect national or cultural aspects of a business